Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of july

What an amazing way to bring communities together. I love 4th of july. What other holiday brings everyone together in one place by cities? Tons of people pushing strollers, carrying chairs and hanging out. I enjoy everything about it. The BBQs, the friends, the fireworks, the amazing american songs and the bold colors- red, white and blue. Every time I hear the national anthe, I cry. Every time soldiers are asked to stand and be recognized, I get choked up with gratitude. Thank you soldiers for making us safe. I am proud to be an American, where I know I'm free!!!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

my garden/paint bday party

This was fun. Now I will have little pieces of my friends in my backyard garden. What could be better. All personalities came out on pots, bricks and rocks.

summer garden

I love to see things grow! Bethy and I had so much planting our garden and even more fun watching it come to fruition! Here's a little piece of what it looks like. Our squash are ready for picking and our beans are more than we can handle. I love picking fresh basil for a recipe. This is so much fun. Hopefully the water shortage won't effect it too much. They are regulating our water to 3 days a week! I pray it doesn't all die.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sunday, April 5, 2009

a heavy heart

My heart is heavy for a couple of reasons. We had an amazing service today in church. Passover weekend. There was video with audio scripture of Jesus being tried and then death on a cross. Next week we celebrate HIS resurrection. This week however, I think about my heart and if I really am grateful for grace and the pain I put HIM through. I need grace in a big way. My prideful spirit gets me in trouble throughout my days and thoughts most of all.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The power of encouragement

It's interesting how much an encouraging word can go. For me, it lasts a long time. I have been working out a local gym for over a year now. They all have seen me at my very best- straight out of bed and in my gym clothes. They have also seen me at my highest weight in those clothes and hair! Not a pretty site!!!
In the past 13 months, I have heard many encouraging words. It has gotten me to where I am today. The thing with these kind words is this... I cannot live on just one for a whole year. It seems that every time I step foot into the gym, I get a smile or "lookin' good" commment. It's amazing how that makes me soar. It puts an extra bounce in my step, it puts more energy into my workout and keeps me going each morning. I am so very thankful for those that speak out and tell me they see a difference. I know almost all those that have made a comment will not be reading this. I just want to encourage all of you, to take time and say a kind word to somebody. (I am thankful for those that don't even know me or my name, but will still take the time to say they have seen a diffence in me.) It goes miles!!!
One day I will have the guts to put my before and hopefully soon after picture of me!Until then, I will keep going, working hard and relish in the compliments that get me to the next day.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Is he really 2?

Ok,so how many times can a mother hear those words?
In the past 2 weeks, I have heard them more than ever. I promise, not a location goes by that I don't hear that comment. No, I don't really get that tired of it. People are friendly and usually ask about how tall his dad is. It brings on conversation with complete strangers. It's just funny. There's never a place that it isn't said.

Last week when putting on Tuck's socks, I noticed he had sores on the top of his foot. That could only mean one thing with him. His shoes are too small and he hasn't said a thing. So, we went to payless to try on shoes. They don't sell 1/2 sizes anymore apparently. Not one shoe we tried on had a 1/2 size. The 11s were way too small, so Tuck's in a size 12 shoe!!! Bethy who is 5 years old, is in a 12 1/2. Apparently, girl shoes still come in 1/2 sizes.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

starting young

While in the kitchen on Sunday am, getting ready to go to church, Tucker asked for some coffee. As if it was the most normal question for a 2 year old to ask when entering the kitchen. So, I poured him a very small amount in a mug with some creamer. I didn't think he would drink it. He looks like a pro. And actually, he drank the whole thing!! What can I say? Hot drinks are the best!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Our Wonder Woman

Our Bethy. On Friday she was watching our neighbor ride his 2 wheeler bike. She has been watching her sister for 2 months ride a bike without training wheels. So yesturday she asked Mike,"Daddy, can you take my training wheels off my bike?" Mike removed the wheels. Immediately Bethy hopped on her bike and started riding. It was amazing. All she did was watch others and then successfully rode a bike!!! It took me weeks to learn how at age 7. Our little Chickie is 5 years old. This is just the beginning of what our little Bethy can and will do. I love her spirit. Can't wait to see how she handles different challenges in life.
This is my very first blog. I decided to start this enormous deal because there are so many things going on in my life I want to talk about. I feel as though this is the best place for me to write my thoughts, stories and testimonies. It will be recorded for me and to share with others if they are at all interested.

It will be fun to family and friends to see the latest pics and stories of our lives. And with that, here it goes!