Thursday, February 19, 2009

Is he really 2?

Ok,so how many times can a mother hear those words?
In the past 2 weeks, I have heard them more than ever. I promise, not a location goes by that I don't hear that comment. No, I don't really get that tired of it. People are friendly and usually ask about how tall his dad is. It brings on conversation with complete strangers. It's just funny. There's never a place that it isn't said.

Last week when putting on Tuck's socks, I noticed he had sores on the top of his foot. That could only mean one thing with him. His shoes are too small and he hasn't said a thing. So, we went to payless to try on shoes. They don't sell 1/2 sizes anymore apparently. Not one shoe we tried on had a 1/2 size. The 11s were way too small, so Tuck's in a size 12 shoe!!! Bethy who is 5 years old, is in a 12 1/2. Apparently, girl shoes still come in 1/2 sizes.

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